Mentoring for Coaches at the Beginning of their Career

You are training to be a coach, or have completed your training and are setting out in the profession. You are plagued by many questions, insecurities, occasionally even doubts, and would like to talk to someone who not only understands you, but can also offer some orientation – from their own experience and a vantage point of success.

Practical Issues

For example, you might be wondering

  • What your coaching space 'should' look like

  • How to present yourself to the outside world

  • How much to charge, etc.

Questions of Content

Or you might be wondering

  • How to continue working with your (practice) clients

  • Whether your approach to coaching so far has been expedient

  • Which alternatives you might try, etc.


You would like to exchange views with someone who has experienced this phase and now has not only years of experience, but has also successfully established a coaching business.

If this describes your situation, I would be happy to act as your mentor.

You can book individual sessions or a regular schedule. Sessions may take place in person or by phone. Sometimes all we need is a brief answer, a slight orientation or a little bit of encouragement.

My fee will be tailored to the mentoring modalities you require.

I suggest a preliminary phone conversation to get to know one another.

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«Katharina supports me in my development as a coach with passion, clarity and creative solutions – I could not wish for a better role model and mentor!»
Katharina R., Berlin

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