WHY coaching?

Because coaching helps identify what you really want and what you can do yourself to reach that goal.

WHAT is life coaching?

Life coaching is a solution-oriented, professionally conducted conversation at eye level to resolve important questions in life.

The point is to look forward, to recognize your potential, to identify paths, to gather courage, to find solutions. To live your own life. Authentically and to the fullest.


WHEN does coaching make sense?

When you feel stuck, overwhelmed, discontent; when you cannot make decisions, feel empty, are seeking your calling; when you crave clarity, want to reach a concrete goal, want to improve things –

in short: when you are not living the life you actually want to live, and are ready to make changes.



HOW does coaching work?

I listen to you, clarifying goals and structures with you.
Together, we sort through facts and thoughts, your needs and emotions.

I accompany you with analytical thinking, empathy and experience, until you see your own way forward and find the courage to embark upon it.


About me

I was born in 1974, am happily married, mother of a daughter, an enthusiastic violinist, a trained and fully qualified jurist, an experienced cultural manager, a passionate surfer, a freelance editor and copywriter – 


and wholeheartedly:
a certified LIFE COACH –
because I enjoy supporting people as they find their own way.



Coachingpraxis König
Oranienburger Straße 26
(Entrance on Krausnickstraße)
10117 Berlin-Mitte

Tel +49 30 / 555 28 249
Mobile +49 176 / 6094 1378


Map with Coachingpraxis König

Of course you can get to know me in a preliminary session – confidentially, free of charge and without obligation. You are very welcome! Let us make an appointment.

©  Anna Wasilewski

© Anna Wasilewski


Dr. Sabine M., Bolzano
«Working with Ms. König: professional, affectionate, solution-oriented. Every time, she manages to summarize things in her empathetic way. I always feel completely understood and well attended, and the sessions always end with a good feeling.
To me, it is inspiring and extremely productive every time. Very highly recommended.»


Marie-Louise Y., Munich
«Katharina König’s coaching helped me finally develop a vision for my professional future. The effect of the coaching sessions was two-fold: on the one hand, I finally articulated things that had always been buzzing around my mind unclearly; on the other hand, Ms. König had the ability to formulate them so precisely that it was suddenly clear what the current situation was and what it might be. She helped me take apart overlapping issues and survey them separately. This led to the twisted threads and strands unraveling. After the overall situation had been clarified, I was able to develop ideas about my next steps.»


Andrea Z., Berlin
«Katharina Koenig’s life coaching is amazing. My sessions with her were not only very insightful, they were also very empowering. I now feel ready to take on the world! Thank you Katharina.»