What clients say about Katharina König's coaching

Dr. Sabine M., Bolzano
“Working with Ms. König: professional, affectionate, solution-oriented. Every time, she manages to summarize things in her empathetic way. I always feel completely understood and well attended, and the sessions always end with a good feeling.
To me, it is inspiring and extremely productive every time. Very highly recommended.”

Waldemar K., Berlin
"The jurist's analytical abilities, the nourishing creativity of the culture manager, the mindful care of the family woman - these are the essences characterizing Ms. König, making her work goal-oriented, efficient and empathetic. There is no question, when the need arises, I will turn to this 'unraveling artist' again!"

Pauline H., Berlin
“Professional coaching with Katharina König enabled me to put my thoughts on my work and life situation in a meaningful order and survey them, so that after many years and almost as many plans of ‘what I might be’, I now see and understand myself for what I am. Thanks to this self-awareness, I am now able to pursue and extend my professional path.
My sessions with Katharina König made a lasting impression on me, and what we discovered during those sessions keeps on illuminating me: the overview and structure created through the work with Ms. König keeps shaping my decisions and I can no longer imagine my (self-) consciousness without them.”

Marie-Louise Y., Munich
“Katharina König’s coaching helped me finally develop a vision for my professional future. The effect of the coaching sessions was two-fold: on the one hand, I finally articulated things that had always been buzzing around my mind unclearly; on the other hand, Ms. König had the ability to formulate them so precisely that it was suddenly clear what the current situation was and what it might be. She helped me take apart overlapping issues and survey them separately. This led to the twisted threads and strands unraveling. After the overall situation had been clarified, I was able to develop ideas about my next steps.”

Alexander G., Berlin
“It was time to take a major step, but I did not know where exactly I was going. There was a desire to get closer to myself. To let go of fears, conditioning and useless baggage, and to gain clarity about where the journey would continue. By myself, I could not see beyond my own nose.

Life coaching was new and unfamiliar to me, but I was very curious, and my first conversation with Ms. König gave me the confidence that it does make sense. Our collaboration was inspiring and extremely enriching. From the first analysis of the relevant aspects of life to the detailed examination of the main issues in my life, we got extremely far using various techniques. After each session changes arose organically as I regained my emotional compass, keeping my own route in sight. Now I have an individual life manifesto guiding me in all future decisions.”

Mona H., Berlin
“Coaching with Katharina König is like climbing a mountain. And taking a well-deserved break at the summit. Simultaneously. I cannot imagine a better guide for achieving an overview in a relaxed manner.”

Katharina H., Brussels
“The first goal is to survey the thicket of the various areas of life, and identify the area in which a change – perhaps only a small one – might lead to increased personal happiness. With her insistent, intuitively correct questions and questions about my responses, Katharina König guided me towards my answers, my personal answers that were all my own, but often buried under the expectations of others, my own stream of consciousness and the limitations we often impose upon ourselves. After revealing layer upon layer, we found the core, my own genuine voice, and then Katharina König helped me break through misguided thought patterns, fostering the courage and self-confidence – always with empathy – I needed to live my own, authentic happiness.”

Anne W., Berlin
“After a session with Ms. König, I feel well-sorted and inspired, open to new thoughts and ideas.”

Svenja F., Hamburg
“Mental chaos! I want to take charge of my life again; I want to be active instead of reacting all the time. That means leaving the comfort zone, shattering encrusted patterns of daily routine, work and thought, finding new paths. But where to start?
Actually, all the essential thoughts and answers – both positive and negative – were already within me, as were the right questions, but I couldn’t see my own hand in front of me for darkness, and felt as if I were lost in thick fog – not a chance of orientation, never mind new departures. Katharina König’s coaching sessions helped me unravel the chaos in my head – she is affectionate and gentle, but also uncomfortably honest at times. Ms. König illuminates thoughts, articulating what we like to ignore – and unfortunately, we succeed up to a certain point. She helped me find questions and answers for the various areas and ‘personalities’ of the ego. She created the space in which I was able to evaluate my various areas and judge for myself my current and my desired quality of life.
Katharine König’s coaching helped me to prioritize and identify a possible way forward. She encouraged me to take the first step and believe in myself again.
A great feeling: orientation and… self-confidence!"

Andrea Z., Berlin
«Katharina Koenig’s life coaching is amazing. My sessions with her were not only very insightful, they were also very empowering. I now feel ready to take on the world! Thank you Katharina.»

Yvonne W., London
«I cannot recommend Katharina's coaching enough. She was able to get me to speak about what may be holding me back in my life and career. In the session, I was able to see my goals and where I need to get to, in a realistic and organised manner.
We talked my motivations and ambitions for my future and how it can be achieved. It was great to be able to speak out loud without any judgement and have direction of what I may need to work on or what I need to aim for. It was great to truly understand your true potential and Katharina helps you do that.»

Prof. Dr. Markus K., Berlin
«Deep, motivating and absolutely encouraging – a sustainable experience and a precious support, to become clear of one's own ideas and to act accordingly!»

Anke K., Berlin
«I feel uplifted and inspired by the coaching sessions with Katharina König! In our career-focused coaching discussions and activities, Ms. König provided uncomplicated but memorable and thought-provoking impulses that helped me step out of tired, constrictive thinking patterns. With her gentle guidance, I was able to discover my strengths and develop a fresh and confident view to the future. Not least, I was enjoying the pleasant and positive atmosphere. I can recommend Katharina König whole-heartedly!»

Anna M., Berlin
«I can highly recommend Katharina König as a coach! She was able to support me quickly with good impulses in a difficult situation. She is a very empathetic, professional and trustworthy coach and I am glad to know that I can approach her whenever I might lose track of my path again.»

Dr. David H., Berlin
«Coaching with Ms. König is one of the best experiences of my life. Personally and professionally, I have rarely – maybe never – met anyone with whom I was able to laugh and cry at the same time, and who helped me develop so much. I am grateful for the hours I spent with Ms. König with words and deeds, time, empathy, help and a lot of fun. I was able to say anything anytime, whether positive or negative, embarrassing or joyful, and I always felt accepted. Only this awesome atmosphere, simultaneously professional and amicable, made it possible to put everything on the table and sort through it. After these intense sessions I always felt calm and collected and I always had the good feeling of getting closer to my authentic self. Ms. König’s coaching was an experience I would not want to miss!»

Claudia H., Berlin
«Relentlessly clear, intensely and incredibly enriching, and bringing out the best in me that I possibly have to give.»

Courtney M., Berlin
«Katharina's presence has been a breath of fresh air since our first meeting. I am so grateful to have come across someone with such strength, grace and courage. I feel safe to let myself be fully seen as I know she is more than capable to support me without feeling any of my weight. I feel so much respect for her and her way of working as a coach. Everytime I leave her office I feel stronger and more aligned with who I really am. It's a blessing to have the opportunity to know and work with someone of this skill level. I highly, highly recommend allowing her to help you step into your power and change your life for the better.»

Eveline H., Berlin
«Working with Ms. König gave me many new impulses, helpful answers and even more helpful questions, all of which made me rethink and re-evaluate my situation. The sessions were extremely helpful and brought me clarity and encouragement. That is exactly what I had hoped to gain from the coaching process.»

Daniel P., Berlin
«Katharina's style is very effective. In each session we identified
specific areas for attention, and I always went away from them with a
sense of hope and excitement for the road ahead. She helped me focus on
finding solutions rather than just exploring problems. I went away with
not only the answers I was looking for, but also a toolkit for answering
further questions myself.»

Dr. Christian S., Berlin
«From the very first session, Ms. König managed to transfer energy from dead ends to new paths. Thanks to her perspective-changing questions, I was quickly able to work creatively on my development. Through this professional, attentive and high-quality coaching process, Ms. König managed to focus my attention on what I really want and to start acting. Thank you very much!»

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