How does coaching work?

You talk, I listen. I ask questions, you find answers. Your answers – to your questions.

Why consult a coach, you may ask, if you are still the one who has to do the work? With my questions, I support you in finding answers within yourself. I lead you into new spaces for thought, contributing impulses resulting in new perspectives or actions, guide you to self-effectiveness and encourage you to take the next steps. I help you find your very own way.

We meet for a free preliminary session and decide whether we want to work together.

If we decide to do so, we find a date for the first coaching session.

Coaching sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes, but most take around 75 minutes. It depends on your issue, the course a session takes, and your needs.

As a professionally moderated process of conversation and reflection, coaching usually requires between one and ten sessions. From one session to another, you can decide whether all your questions have been addressed, or if you wish to work on another subject.

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