©  Anna Wasilewski

© Anna Wasilewski

Katharina König

I was born in 1974, am happily married, mother of a daughter, an enthusiastic violinist, a trained and fully qualified jurist, an experienced cultural manager, a passionate surfer, a freelance editor and copywriter –

and wholeheartedly:

a certified LIFE COACH –

because I enjoy supporting people as they find their own way.


More than ten years of management work have familiarized me with the internal processes, difficulties and challenges facing businesses, and have taught me the special responsibility of managing staff. Learning new languages and numerous travels and sojourns abroad have broadened my view of cultures, mentalities and life models. Years of intense, professionally accompanied self-reflection have trained me in the process of identifying and sorting facts and emotions. In various coaching experiences, I was able to gain practical insight into the role of the coachee – the person being coached.

I trained at the Dr. Bock Coaching Akademie according to the guidelines of the International Coach Federation (ICF), practicing professional, methodical conversation skills and becoming a certified Life Coach.



I am well familiar with being overwhelmed. And I love life. To me, it was always worth passing through the valleys – as one is rewarded for the travails of climbing with the view from the top of the mountain.

Every question I asked myself refused to be silenced until I had found the answer for myself. I was not always a life coach. Maybe personally, but not professionally. After passing the bar exam, I worked in cultural management – until I was exhausted. Obviously, my profession was not my calling. In life coaching, I have found both.

My empathy and life experience help me to understand you. Studying law taught me to think logically and structure my thoughts. The methods I learned during my training as a coach gave me conversation and moderation skills, and my joy of life – according to others – is infectious.

I am convinced that each of us has so much inside waiting to be seen. Life coaching can help you bring these things to the top of your consciousness and make your personality shine.


Because life coaching allows me to experience first-hand how many different ways of thinking, perspectives and concepts of life there are, and how many ways there are to lead a fulfilled life.

Because the uniqueness of every person fascinates me, and in coaching it comes to the fore within a very short time in full force.

Because it makes me happy to witness how people first dare to formulate their dreams and find ways of realizing them in the course of the coaching process.

Because I can use abilities such as my heightened perceptiveness and my intuition in this work.

Because coaching is less about objective knowledge and more about hearing, seeing, intuiting, noticing, taking serious, valuing, opening, giving space, suggesting, trusting, encouraging, accompanying. Recognizing the good and bringing out the best.

Because it is about what is good in you. 

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