Why coaching?

Life can be quite demanding at times. It can be too demanding. Even if basically we are fine.

It is obvious to question how earlier generations coped with daily life. However, the difficulties of our own times should not be underestimated. There is more than a handful of professions to choose from; marriage is no longer the only (respected) form of partnership; there is more than the one school nearby to send one’s children to. There are innumerable opportunities to shape our lives, at every corner. That is challenging – overwhelming even.

A good coaching process helps you identify what you really want and what you can do to reach precisely that goal. Sometimes, it is simple acceptance that is needed, or you might need to find another perspective on something. Most frequently, however, coaching is able to show us that we have the ability and power to design our life according to our ideas, by taking responsibility and being open to change.

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