Sneak a Peek – next session: Wed., Sept.18th

Open Life Coaching EveningS IN BERLIN

Demonstration Session with subsequent exchange (Q&A)

Coaching is a highly confidential process – especially individual, one-on-one coaching. This is what makes it so difficult to gain practical experience in this area if you are not a coach yourself (yet). Here is an offer for those who would like to look a professional coach over the shoulder:

Be the proverbial “fly on the wall” during a life coaching session – professional coaching with an exclusive circle of participants

Observe me as I coach one of my clients on their personal issue for slightly over an hour. By observing this demonstration session, you can witness how life coaching works. Especially if you are considering becoming a coach or are already in training, this offers valuable insights.

After the coaching session, there will be time to ask questions: about the demonstration session or, more generally, about life coaching, personal and business coaching. I will be happy to answer them.

Three Sneak a Peek places are available.

If you would like to be one of these three guests and experience live how I coach my client, please send me a request to Subject to availability, I will confirm the date and send you an invoice for the fee. Once the payment has been received and you have signed the confidentiality agreement on the evening in question, we can start. I look forward to meeting you!

Terms and Conditions for the Demonstration Session and subsequent Exchange (Q&A)

  • Written registration via

  • Fee for guests: 99,- Euro incl. VAT; payment must be received two days before the Sneak a Peek session at the latest (Katharina König, IBAN: DE85 7012 0400 8482 3380 04)

  • Confidentiality agreement must be signed before the session

  • Capacity: 3 persons in addition to coach and client

  • Place: Coachingpraxis König, Oranienburger Str. 26, 10117 Berlin-Mitte
    Please note that the entrance is around the corner, on Krausnickstraße.

  • Next available date: Wednesday, September 18, 6-8 pm, please arrive at 5:45 pm
    No admittance after 6 pm
    If you are interested but cannot attend on this date, I will be happy to reserve a place for you at the next Sneak a Peek session.

Are you interested in being coached in this scenario (with special conditions)?

Of course we would discuss in advance whether your subject is appropriate for such an open coaching session. In order to guarantee the confidentiality of the coaching session, the guests will sign a confidentiality agreement covering anything they may hear. The sessions take place in the evenings, between 6 and 8 pm, and I would offer slightly over an hour of coaching time and would then give the guests the chance to ask questions during the remainder of the time. For these life coaching sessions, I would charge half the regular price. I look forward to hearing from you at

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